štvrtok 24. apríla 2014

John Greenlee - majster lúčnych zoskupení

Pokochajte sa pohľadom na trávnaté zoskupenia vytvorené expertom na ekológiu trávnatých porastov Johnom Greenleem.

Location: A variety of locations but mainly in California.
Designer: Greenlee & Associates based in Brisbane, California.
Photographer: Saxon Holt.
Website & Images Source: http://www.greenleeandassociates.com/


John Greenlee
An expert in grass ecology and champion of sustainable design, John Greenlee has made meadows all around the world.  His designs are featured at such notable public spaces as the San Diego Zoo, Disney's Animal Kingdom in Florida, and the Getty Center in Los Angeles.  John Greenlee has also created beautiful meadow gardens in private residences all over California, the U.S., including Hawaii, Morocco, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.  Many of his most recent meadow creations can be found adding to the beauty of Napa and Sonoma counties.

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